Lithuanian Basketball Group – Vilnius Workplaces

  • LKL
  • 1,076 sqft
  • 2014
  • Lithuania, Vilnius,
  • Financial/Company Services, has designed the brand new workplaces of the Lithuanian Basketball Group which is situated in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Lithuanian basketball league (LKL) workplace is situated at the busy road of Vilnius. This workplace could be acknowledged by the windows, where in fact the displays broadcast basketball video games. It’s the spot of the very most popular video game and sport in Lithuania.

For people the key point was to support LKL heads, six workers and at some activities – furthermore dozen of journalists into little area headquarters. Your kitchen, WC, closet and the region for the guests was furthermore needed as in additional typical workplace.

Multifunctional region, armed with modern meeting equipment needed to be incorporated into the normal old city building with higher ceiling and moldings.

Our purpose had been to preserve the singularity of the building, so we do our best leaving behind the areas, dealing with the street untouched. Your kitchen and WC had been built-into the thickened wall. Specific medium-sized cubes, which assist as a closet, had been made for the convenience of the visitors.

The major motif that exist „hiding“ in a variety of spaces of the interior – Lithuanian distaff. Why it? It‘s the motif within old Lithuanian wood carvings, but additionally the name of particular maneuver of basketball gamers. The distaff in this internal also reminds the circular basketball golf ball.

This motif was carved in oak finishes, in the closets and wall space. Other decor component, stylistically reminding the authenticity of the constructing, is the colorful flooring tiles. As carpets and rugs in other interiors right here they frame the meeting desk zones.

The bound of the older building and today’s world will be strengthened by strict dark frames of the partitions, luminance profiles and the skirting, departing tables and chairs because the white interior areas.