GliddenSpina + Partners a�� West Palm Beach Offices

  • GliddenSpina + Partners
  • GliddenSpina + Partners
  • 10,939 sqft
  • 2014
  • Florida, United States, West Palm Beach,
  • Architecture Firm,

GliddenSpina + Partners has developed a new office space for their firm fromA�the refurbished Hopkins Marine building in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The stylish renovation of the old Hopkins Marine, a neglected 1950a��s mid-century design building,A�reflects the growth and promising trajectory of its new owner, occupants and restoration project designA�team, GliddenSpina + Partners. As a result, it is not at all unexpected that a creative-focusedA�architecture and design firm transformed this building and delivered a really cool workspace. As youA�approach the building, it is obvious how the project brilliantly features the juxtaposition of the historicA�and the contemporary. Here, GliddenSpina + Partners has provided a physical and social structure thatA�fosters openness, collaboration, inspiration and community.

Inside, daylight streams through new skylights emphasizing the towering, two story space and highlightsA�a multitude of unique design features. These include an open staircase, custom designed floating woodA�walls, dramatic light fixtures and frameless frostless glass offices which let you know the firm principalsA�are working just as hard as everybody else. The modern work environment features comfortable,A�informal gathering points and meeting areas which encourage people to engage, along with integratedA�technology available throughout to help everyone connect.

The GliddenSpina work ethic, work-hard, play-hard, is reflected throughout and the additional perksA�provided by the firm are pretty epic too. Not only do they provide free lunch every day in their sleek,A�modern kitchen, they have a billiard room, a full shower, six shiny new GliddenSpina beach cruises and aA�customized electric golf cart. Every wall a blank canvas for showcasing incredible multimedia artwork,A�the space feels like a gallery and is perfect not only for executing day-to-day operations but generating aA�real sense of community and sincere regard for the incredible talent that elevates GliddenSpina aboveA�the rest.

Design:A�GliddenSpina + Partners
Photography: Rob Woodham

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